Temperature of Gasiorowski - Bagsik financial Oscillator?

What was the temperature of the 
Gasiowski - Bagsik financial Oscillator?
(RePEc:sla:eakjkl:4 23-IV-2001)

Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Białystok
Lipowa 41, 15424 Białystok, Poland
email: ep@alpha.uwb.edu.pl
Institute of Physics, University of Silesia,
Uniwersytecka 4, 40007 Katowice, Poland
email: sladk@us.edu.pl

We argue that the recently published by Przystawa and Worf model of the Gasiorowski - Bagsik financial Oscyllator is oversimplified and unrealistic. We propose and analyse a refined explanation of this rare financial phenomenon. We have found an example that results in profitability about 45,000 times bigger than that of the Przystawa and Wolf model.
PACS numbers: 02.50.-r, 02.50.Le, 05.70.-a

4. Gasiorowski-Bagsik oscillator